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Data Centers Services

In SANA Engineering we are providing an effective cooling system solution for data center's needs. Our solutions are proven to optimize the performance of your data center cooling system and maximize the efficiency.

Explore our professional SANA Engineering Services for cooling system of data center.

CFD Analysis

Design Validation

Risk Mitigation

Air Management

 Data Center Cooling Services

Our Data Center CFD Services

Qualified and well-trained professionals

Cooling System Design 


Hot & Cold Spot Analysis

Service performance targets

Containment Strategies


Air Flow Distribution


Operation planning & Monitoring

Modular Design

Air Flow Management 


3D Design


CFD Result Reports

Transparent support provision

Testing & Installing

Full tracking and reporting

CFD Simulation Analysis


Why CFD Simulation

Energy Efficiency

CFD Analysis is essential for evaluating the energy efficiency of a data center. 

Cooling System Design

CFD Simulation help in designing and optimizing the layout of cooling systems within a data center.

Contamination & Air Quality 

Understanding the air flow patterns helps in designing effective air filtration.

Air flow management 

Optimizing the airflow can help reduce energy consumption and improve cooling efficiency.

Risk Mitigation

Identifying potential issues and risks , such us hot spots ,before they occur. 

Future planning

Predicting the impact of future changes, such as the addition of new equipment or the expansion of the data center .

Heat Load Distribution

Simulation the heat dissipation from IT equipment

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Explore our professional SANA Engineering Services for cooling system of data center.

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