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SANA Professional Service for Energy Auditing

SANA Engineering Company, your dedicated partner in the pursuit of energy efficiency and cost savings. At SANA, we understand the critical importance of optimizing electrical and mechanical components within your facility to minimize energy wastage. Our comprehensive energy auditing services are designed to guide you towards a greener, more cost-effective future, with potential savings ranging from 8% to 25% on your electric bills.

Energy auditing statistic

Energy audit is the process of examining the electrical and mechanical components in a facility to identify any energy wastage, and then proposing engineering solutions to reduce energy consumption.


1. Site Visit and Initial Data Collection:

Our meticulous process starts with a thorough site visit and data collection, providing insights for tailored solutions.

2. Electricity Bills Analysis:

Delving deep into your bills, SANA analyzes consumption patterns to inform personalized recommendations.

3. Measuring Actual Equipment Consumption:

Precision is our hallmark as we measure actual equipment consumption to identify areas for improvement.

4. HVAC and lighting system optimization:

By prioritizing HVAC (70% of energy usage) and lighting (17%), SANA ensures you the best performance by Testing, adjusting and balancing for HVAC systems and lighting system solutions.

5. Energy Conservation Opportunities Study:

 In-depth analysis identifies conservation opportunities, paving the way for effective engineering solutions.

6. Detailed Report with Recommendations:

SANA provides a comprehensive report outlining the path to reduced energy consumption and significant cost savings.

7. Optional Implementation Service:

SANA offers a seamless transition from analysis to action, ensuring efficient execution of proposed solutions.

At SANA, we specialize in HVAC System Optimization and Lighting Control Solutions, addressing the core of energy consumption in your facility. These tailored solutions contribute not only to environmental sustainability but also yield substantial cost savings on your electricity bills.

By choosing SANA, you are not just investing in energy efficiency; you are investing in a more sustainable future with tangible and measurable cost savings. Our services positively impact both your facility's environmental footprint and your bottom line, making SANA the premier choice for energy auditing.

Take the first step towards a more sustainable future – explore the benefits of energy auditing with SANA Engineering Company today!


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