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Revolution in air purification for special applications in commercial kitchens

In today's fast-paced world, the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment cannot be overstated. This is especially true in commercial kitchens, where smoke, grease particles, and odors can affect air quality.

Ecology unit from SANA engineering

SANA Engineering, a leading provider of innovative solutions, introduces the DOGU ecology Unit, a comprehensive filtration system designed to remove these contaminants from the exhaust air stream of kitchen hoods and exhaust fans. This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes air filtration in specialty applications, making it an ideal choice for commercial kitchens in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and the food industry.


The environment unit offered by SANA Engineering from DOGU combines advanced filtration technologies to ensure the highest level of air filtration. The unit consists of multiple stages of filtration, each targeting specific contaminants. This multi-stage approach ensures that the exhaust air is completely cleaned before being released into the environment.


One of the main features of the unit is its ability to remove smoke particles effectively. Smoke is a common byproduct of cooking processes in commercial kitchens, and if not properly filtered, can pose a health risk to both kitchen staff and customers. The Eco Unit uses high-efficiency filters specially designed to capture and trap smoke particles, ensuring the air remains clean and safe to breathe.


In addition to smoke, grease particles are another major concern in commercial kitchens. Grease can build up in the exhaust system over time, resulting in reduced airflow and increased fire risks. The environmental unit includes specialized filters that are highly effective in capturing and removing grease particles and preventing them from entering the environment and causing potential damage.


Odors are another challenge that commercial kitchens face. The ecology module addresses this problem by incorporating activated carbon filters. These filters are designed to absorb and neutralize odor compounds, ensuring that the air leaving the kitchen is odor-free. This not only improves overall air quality but also enhances the dining experience for customers.


Likewise, in food processing plants, where stringent hygiene standards are necessary, the environmental unit can be designed to meet specific industry regulations. This includes incorporating filters capable of removing fine particles and microorganisms, ensuring air quality meets the highest standards.


The eco unit is not only effective in improving air quality but also provides significant energy savings. The unit is designed to operate at optimal efficiency, reducing power consumption without compromising performance. This not only reduces operating costs but also contributes to creating a greener and more sustainable environment.


SANA Engineering's ecology Unit from DOGU is a game changer in the field of air filtration for special applications. Its advanced filtration technologies, combined with its ability to meet unique requirements, make it an ideal choice for commercial kitchens in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and the food industry. Thanks to its ability to remove smoke, grease particles, and odors, the environmental unit ensures a clean and hygienic environment for both kitchen staff and customers. Moreover, its energy-efficient design contributes to a greener and more sustainable future. SANA Engineering continues to innovate and deliver solutions that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet.

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