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SANA Engineering Co. has +12 years of experience in Valves. We are the main distributor in Saudi Arabia.

The best valves  (UL , UL/FM Certificates) provider you will ever need to obtain an integrated system. 

(Fire Fighting, HVAC & Plumbing Networks)

Our Products


Wet Alarm Valve

The wet alarm valve is designed for applications where the water is unlikely to freeze.


The pressurized water system is fed continuously and fills the retard chamber. After the chamber is filled, the pressure switch on the chamber is actuated, sending alarm information to the fire warning system or automation system. After the pressure switch is actuated, the water is delivered to the water-motor gong, which releases a mechanical alarm.


Dry Alarm Valve

The Dry Alarm Valve and Dry Pipe Sprinkler System is intended for use in unheated warehouses, garages, parking lots, attics, and businesses that may experience freezing conditions that might damage pipes and sprinklers.


In place of water, the sprinkler system utilizes nitrogen or air. Due to its unique clapper, the differential-type dry alarm valve stops both the entry of low-pressure air and high-pressure water into the system. When a sprinkler explodes during a fire, the differential ratio in the system is disturbed, which opens the clapper. The fire alarm system or automation system receives alert data from the pressure switch. Following the activation of the pressure switch, the water enters the motorized gong and triggers the mechanical alarm to sound.


Deluge Valve

The flying sprinkler system is a system with sprinklers with an open end, and this ensures the irrigation of water from all sprinklers in the event of a breakage.
The box will be empty and in good condition if the installation has been completed and the design has been completed.

to be used in pre-flooding extinguishing systems to serve as the main relief valve. Easy to install after a fire, the Duyar deluge valve It has an external reset feature and is used to re-install the clapper.

Without the need to fasten the screws to the valve cover after the outbreak of fire, for example, in the event of a fire, the flood spray system and the presence of detection devices, a temperature sensor in the system, etc. With the electrical signal generated by the detection devices, the closed solenoid opens.
LED leads to LED. When water or foam is released from all sprinklers, the fire is extinguished.


Commercial Riser Manifold

To speed up the installation procedure for water extinguishing systems, Duyar Easy Installation Unit is created in compliance with NFPA specifications.


In the event of a fire, the flow switch produces a signal as a result of the installation's flow and transmits it to the control panel or electrical gong to identify the floor, zone, or branch where the fire originated. The hole on the test and drain valve allows for quick testing and draining of the sprinkler system. A flow switch, a 3-way manometer control valve, a manometer, and the necessary test and drain valves make up the simple installation unit.


Residential Riser Manifold

The Doyar Residential Riser Manifold is designed to accelerate installations in wet sprinkler systems in compliance with NFPA requirements. 


The flow switch generates a signal if a fire has occurred due to the incoming flow. It sends this signal to a control panel or an electric bell to indicate a fire in a building, area, or branch of a building. The sprinkler system can be tested and drained immediately by opening the test and drain valves. The upstream manifold shall consist of a flow switch, pressure gauge, test valve, and appropriate drain.


Indicating Butterfly Valve – Wafer

It is a stopcock that does not fit into the linear stopcocks, and the resistance of this stopcock is relatively low with or when fully open. It is used to prevent reflux, and since it is placed between the lines.


Indicating Butterfly Valve – Grooved

It is a valve used to prevent leakage and maintain the life of the valves, as it copes with the pressure of the water trickling inside the pipes, and the control between the lines is done through the flanges attached to the valve.


Test & Drain Valve

It is a valve used to control water pressure between areas, as it is connected and separated by the lines through the valve in times of maintenance and is needed when the water pressure between the lines is checked.

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